Saturday, September 10, 2011


What would things be like if I never became this "mean" person?
I'm not mean, really, my close friends say it's called honesty.

Some dislike this "honesty" because it's not what they want to hear or because it's not true.
And honestly, what is honesty?
Good question, I bet.

We can all discuss what this may be, but really, honesty is just a personal opinion. I don't think there is ever a truthful thing. It's all someone's views, thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc.

"BE HONEST- Do you like these shoes?"


"Well, I THINK, blah, blah."

You think? I'm not asking you what you think, I'm asking you for the truth.

Everything is an opinion said by someone. An idea from another another. Views seen by others. Thoughts molded by someone else. And because we find so much logic to it, we say it's the honest truth.

Weird isn't it?

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